Ren Siebenga

Ren Siebenga, MEd

Director of Leadership Services

Ext. 107

Ren Siebenga believes that schools that follow the leadership of Jesus Christ are critical to the health of the nation.

He maintains that the impact on students and on the country rests on the extent to which leaders have the competence, character and courage to lead those schools, or, as he says, "as go the leaders, so go the schools". Ren earned an Ontario Teacher’s Certificate, has a Master's in Education in educational leadership from the University of Toronto, and has completed his principal’s qualifications in both the public and Christian sectors. He has 40 years experience in school leadership, first as principal of Bowmanville Christian High School for 23 years and then as principal of Toronto District Christian High School for 17 years. Please join Director of Leadership Services Ren Siebenga as he dynamically grows the leaders of Christian schools.