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Archive: Edvance Back to School Bootcamp 2020

August 17th, 2020

Assessment Sessions

Assessment and Cultures of Learning 

This past spring, it became clearer than ever that traditional methods of assessment don’t work well when students are remote. In this session, we’ll explore how to create a classroom culture that focuses on learning rather than performance, and how assessment works in this context. 

Presented by: Nicole Brouwer, Principal at North Toronto Christian School in North York, ON 

Audience: Grade 1-12 educators  


Building Portfolios to Support Students Leading their Own Learning 

What is more inspiring than seeing a student proud about the effort and work they’ve accomplished through our support and student collaboration? Building student portfolios not only honours this sense of purpose and accomplishment, it helps students deepen their ownership of their own learning and sense of personal strengths and weaknesses. Portfolios can also provide continuity for learning at school and at home. This session will explore how to start and maintain portfolios as a key part of student learning. 

Presented by: Carolyn Bentum, Grade 4/5 teacher at Brantford Christian School in Brantford, ON 

Audience: JK-8 educators