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Celebration of Learning Day at LDCSS

Written on January 22nd, 2016

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On January 21, London District Christian Secondary School had its first Celebration of Learning Day. They started the day with worship and an assembly where students shared some of the interesting things they had created during semester one, both in the classroom and on their own. It was a fun day with displays, presentations, visitors and food!

The Food and Nutriton class spent several days preparing a variety of healthy soups to serve for lunch.There was a diverse sampling of projects and activities to be seen throughout the hallways and in the classrooms.There were many exciting learning outcomes to enjoy, and in some cases, take part in.


In many cases students had the opportunity to visit other classes to take in and appreciate what other students and classes have accomplished. It was a great day for all the guests who joined the staff and students to help celebrate faith, learning and life at LDCSS.