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Professional Learning with "Growth Mindsets"

Written on November 18th, 2013

I had the pleasure this weekend of attending my first AGM as part of the OACS team. At the meeting, I was excited to present a vision for pursuing flourishing learning communities with a “growth mindset” (to borrow the term from Carol Dweck). We always have a belief in our students’ ability to grow in their learning and intellect, but how convicted and driven are we to pursue growth mindsets in our professional learning as teachers, administrators and board members? In the first half of our presentation, my colleague Chris van Donkelaar revealed the ways in which we’re using eCurriculum to continue sharing learning resources within a professional collaborative environment.

In my half of the presentation I referred to Michael Fullan’s concept of right and wrong drivers for change to think about how we create flourishing professional learning growth mindsets in our school communities. Below you can surf through my presentation. I asked attendees what is their focused vision for learning and how are they pursuing growth in that agenda? Although any number of different OACS schools could be models for us in answering those questions, I highlighted two from my experience with them. You can check them out in my presentation below. Whether you were at the AGM or not, I’d be excited to discuss with you your school’s vision for learning and how you pursue that learning vision with a coherent plan of action. Feel free to connect with me through comments here on the blog, by email, or on eCurriculum, our collaborative professional learning community. Let’s continue to learn from each other and spur each other on to flourishing learning communities with growth mindsets!

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