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New principal excited to honour God’s goodness of the past and plan for the future

Written on October 9th, 2012

[caption id=”attachment_677” align=”aligncenter” width=”348”]TCS 1 Timothy Christian School students meet with principal Rod Berg to review leadership initiatives for the student body for 2012/13 school year.[/caption]

It’s an “exciting journey” that Berg says is anchored by “a very deep commitment to Christian education.”

“That’s the one thing I noticed right away moving into the Barrie community,” says Berg, who joined TCS after serving 11 years as principal at Holland Marsh Christian School in Newmarket and many years at Maple Ridge Christian School in British Columbia.

“The long-term passion of parents for Christian education in this area is something that has struck me and continues to humble me as I work in this community,” Berg says.

Enthusiastic support for TCS is particularly evident in the school’s strategic planning process. Parents, staff and committee members are giving input at three monthly workshops this fall. The first one, held on a Saturday in September, drew approximately 20 people to share their thoughts on what’s going well and goals for the next three to five years.

Sitting around the table, board members, staff, alumni, grandparents, and new and long-term parents had a common dream – to ensure the school’s Christian vision is lived out.

“How does Timothy Christian school be that light in the community? That phrase came up several times,” Berg says. “How can we be that light in the community in the Barrie area? How can God use our school in that way, not only in the greater community but also on the inside establishing a solid world view for our children. It’s all very exciting.

“When you’ve got that nice of a balance in representation of the membership sitting around a table for a whole Saturday dreaming about the future of the school, you get the entire community committed and excited for the future,” Berg says.

He hopes the process yields a roadmap to put future goals and dreams into action, as well as community involvement.

“Those are two powerful pieces. God can work powerfully through community involvement and a clear plan for the future,” Berg says.

TCS is also looking ahead in other ways, including how to integrate and implement technology in the classroom, and how to ensure students have the skills needed in today’s culture and be effective change agents for God.

“We want exciting education at Timothy Christian School,” Berg says. “And so part of that is going be looking at what are the 21st century learning skills, how does technology tie in, and how does that tie into a strong Christian vision driving it all, right from junior kindergarten all the way to Grade 8.”

All of this comes as the school looks back on its 50-year history, with a celebration weekend planned in April. Berg says a big component of the golden anniversary is “recognizing those who have gone before us,” including the thousands of graduates who’ve gone on to be a blessing in the community.

“God has done great things at TCS,” Berg says.

As a leader, he says he’s determined to ensure that “the vision of Christian education burns bright in every corner of the school.” He’s also thrilled to be part of an important chapter in TCS’ life; its new home in the growing Barrie area presents exciting opportunities as parents seek daily reinforcement of the values taught at home.

“I had one new parent say to me, ‘I’m looking for Christian anchor points in the life of my child that will be consistent with what we’re doing as a family,’” Berg says. “I remember walking that family through the school in August and then as I unpacked our program and our future, they became very excited about it, and they’re a new family in our school.

“That’s fun, and I’m excited for the future.”