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A Ga-ga pit for HCS!

Written on June 6th, 2014

gaga pit Recent visitors to Huron Christian School may have spotted an unusual octagonal structure in the grass surrounding the building. No, the mysterious grey object isn’t a decorative item it’s a Ga-ga pit used for Ga-ga Ball, a variation of the game of Dodge Ball. The pit is also a product of the school’s foray into project based learning this year. 

Students began drawing sketches of the pit in September and helped out with the construction process during the months that followed. On May 29th an announcement appeared on the school’s Facebook celebrating its completion!

Ga-ga Ball combines dodging, striking, running and jumping with a ball. The object of the game is to hit your opponent with the ball below the knees while avoiding being hit.

Although there are only  a few weeks left for students to enjoy the action filled game, they can certainly look forward to using their Ga-ga pit next year!

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