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A surprise of generosity in Ottawa school community

Written on October 4th, 2012

[caption id=”attachment_685” align=”aligncenter” width=”348”]OCSwalkathon2 A family recoups after the walk.[/caption]

When Beth Wood tells people how much the Ottawa Christian School walk-a-thon fundraiser netted the last two years, they assume she means a much lower number.

“I have been told various times by people in the surrounding community that I must be mistaken when I tell them that 170 or so students raised more than $67,000 last year and now $70,000 plus this year,” Wood tells the OACS News.

“They are convinced that I meant $6,700 and are astounded when I very happily tell them they heard right the first time.”

Wood, who has organized the fundraiser the past two years, says she believes this phenomenal giving is just another example of what a “caring and faithful God we have.”

She says organizing the event has been a kind of personal test for her both years, where she set personal goals but then was willing to trust God for the outcome.

“Both years He has answered those prayers in an amazing way,” says Wood.

“He knows our needs and has repeatedly shown us what He can do. He truly is an awesome God that supplies all our needs and so much more.”

OCS principal Paul Triemstra also talks about being amazed by the flood of support, especially given that this same support community put so much into the school’s new building not too long ago.

“I think what the walk-a-thon success indicates is that our support community is very deep,” says Triemstra.

“When students start to ask around, people in our support community see this as another opportunity to give to Ottawa Christian School; they’re anticipating it.”

He suggests the students’ evident appreciation and love for the school must shine through when they go home to parents and grandparents, and when that gets communicated people are much more willing to give.

OCS has been holding a fundraiser walk-a-thon for 42 years.

Because the goal for this year’s recent event was exceeded, students have the honour of duct-taping principal Triemstra to a pillar in the school’s front foyer tomorrow.