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Administration latest step for lifelong Christian school supporter

Written on October 25th, 2011

Kevin Bouwers was educated in Christian schools and grew up seeing his parents involved in Christian education.

“When we say ‘involved’ in Christian education, it’s a community effort,” says Bouwers, the new principal of Dundas Calvin Christian School.

His parents helped start a Christian school in the Ottawa area. He attended Christian elementary and secondary school, and Redeemer University College.

“I’m a product of this system, but it’s also something that I have a real passion for,” Bouwers says.

He’s been a teacher for 11 years, starting at Holland Marsh District Christian School where he was a computer co-ordinator and ran the athletic program.

His principal encouraged him to go to Educational Leadership Development Institute and he says that’s where he felt called to administration.

“It was a wonderful week of discovery that started me on this journey.”

That was five years ago, and since then he’s been taking courses in preparation for becoming a principal.

Bouwers feels Calvin Christian School is primed for growth and “their perceived need seemed to match well with what I believe the Lord has blessed me with and what I had to offer, so it was a good fit.”

He feels strong support from committed people is a strength of the school.

“Community support is the number one thing, one of the strengths at this school,” says Bouwers.

He’s really excited about the visioning process that’s beginning at school.

“If you prioritize and get your vision set in one direction you can achieve much more,” he says.

That process is just beginning, and should take about a month and a half, says Bouwers. Then the school will be able to move forward.

The other work he’s looking forward to, and where he thought he’d be a good fit with the school and community, is in building relationships with other faith-based organizations and “finding ways to be salt and light together in our community.”

Other strengths in the school include a veteran and experienced staff who are still passionate about Christian education, says Bouwers.

“They’re a blessing to this community and to this school.”

The final strength Bouwers mentions is the students.

“The students are what bring us here. They’re great kids that really made me feel welcome,” he says.

Bouwers says he hopes he will be used to keep his eye on the bigger picture and expand on the school’s support base. There are 21 churches represented at the school.

“One of the things I think the Lord has called me to do here is make more inroads into other churches and other denominations,” says Bouwers.