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Amazing Love

Written on June 5th, 2015

June in an OACS elementary Christian school is typically chock full of activity. Teachers trying to get one last unit completed with the students. Coaches motivating athletes during hot and muggy field day practices. Baseball tournaments to organize and play. School trips. Graduation plans to be developed. Across our many elementary schools, the pace quickens right to the last day of school!

Brantford Christian School is experiencing all of this as they have for 50 years already.

However, this year, they are also doing something else in the midst of this excitement. They are grieving. They are grieving the loss of a beloved principal who cannot be with them during this crazy time as he struggles at home with his cancer. Grieving because of the uncertainty of the school year; hoping that the Lord will restore Principal Hartholt back to them. Grieving because they love this man’s service to them and their school.

Yesterday the staff and students came back from a District Field Day (where they placed fifth!) only to gather in the school gymnasium in the evening for a prayer service for the Hartholt family. Parents, students, pastors and friends bowed in prayer and sang favourite hymns together. Tears in their eyes, they hugged each other and chatted in small groups before heading home.

Walt Hartholt, Principal of Brantford Christian School, is at home with his family surrounded by the prayers of his community. Remarkably, Walt continues to encourage his people and has come to the school repeatedly to shore up the hope and faith of his Grade 8 class, the staff and the school board. This Christian leader is encouraging others as his own physical strength is diminishing. Amazing!

Please pray for Walt, his wife Nancy, son Lucas and daughter Kendra as they surround him with love and care. Pray for the extended family as they seek to support Nancy. Pray for the school staff and board who are grieving the loss of their leader and hoping for a miracle of restoration. Pray for the students, especially the graduation class this year as these children have lived through the struggles, victories and setbacks of their Principal for some time now.

May the peace of God that passes all understanding embrace us all.