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Attending Ottawa Christian School ‘a dream come true’

Written on November 24th, 2010

Being able to send her son to Ottawa Christian School (OCS) is a dream come true says parent Asha Lawrence.

It’s also proving to be so for her son, who began Grade 4 at the school in September, and only weeks into his classes came home one day “so happy,” and saying ‘my dream has come true.’”

“That really stirred my spirit, and (gave me) joy and delight, and I strongly believe that this is going to continue in the days that he’s going to be at the school,” says Lawrence, noting her son is especially excited about the freedom he feels to talk about God in the school environment.

The Lawrences say the No. 1 reason they’re sending their son to OCS is for the Christ-centred education they know he will receive. They want their child to be learning at school what he’s also learning at home.

“We have confidence that he is being taught at school what we impart to him at home. We don’t have a lot of unwinding to do, and that is the biggest relief for us,” says Lawrence.

The parents add they have confidence their son will receive this teaching because the school’s vision is to prepare students to be followers of Christ.

Other aspects of the school the Lawrences say they have come to value include the family-like environment the teachers and staff create through the way they work together and care for the students.

“I was quite amazed by that, they way (staff members) all come together and get things done,” says Lawrence.

She notes her son has his unique needs and the teachers have responded with encouragement and warm support.

She also says she values the fact that the teachers take an individualized approach to the student.

“They take personal interest in every child.”

Her husband Martin Lawrence adds he appreciates the sense of affinity he feels with the whole school community, stemming from the common faith and vision they share.

“”It’s a trusting environment where we feel comfortable and can be ourselves … because we all share a common faith, and so that makes talking and (sharing) opinions or even planning together so much easier,” he says.