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Aylmer school community fired up to continue making a difference

Written on June 1st, 2011

Nancy Robinson is seeing exciting things happening in Christian education, and as she moves from the role of principal to librarian at Immanuel Christian School she says she’s most enjoyed the relationships with people and the strength of community.

Robinson jokes that she’s been at the Aylmer school “forever,” having attended it herself and taken on different positions during her past 34 years in Christian education. It’s this range of experience that made sense for her to take up the role of interim principal three years ago, she notes.

She first got into the field because she wanted to teach in the Christian school setting, saying it’s a place “to express our faith, have our faith being part of everything we are doing, (and be) able to point kids to how God works in their lives.”

Growing up in the school and building relationships there is what has kept Robinson at Immanuel.

“I just really learned a lot from the people I have worked with, whether its staff or board or community members. It’s just a real growing and living experience,” she says.

Robinson says there are exciting things happening in education right now.

The school has been working towards opening its doors to a broader base of parents from other churches than its Reformed base, to make it welcoming for all Christian children, says Robinson.

“There’s a real movement to show people what a blessing we have in Christian education here and that needs to be shared with our wider community,” she says. “I’m feeling that movement happening and I think that’s very exciting.”

Robinson says the school’s experienced staff is excited about new technology in education and manuals from the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS) that are continuously being built upon.

“There’s a real love for Christian education in this community, especially with the founding churches, and we’ve had tough times and we have a declining enrolment like everybody else but there’s just a love and enthusiasm.  There’s a fire there with people that they are very excited about continuing to have this school make a difference in people’s lives,” she says

“It’s just a wonderful support that we have to carry on and to keep on sharing and be here.”