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Belleville Christian School supporters pay for new playground equipment

Written on December 24th, 2008

[caption id=”attachment_3018” align=”aligncenter” width=”300”]IMG_2785FS Belleville Christian School students are thrilled about the school’s new playground equipment, made possible with funds from donors.[/caption]

$20,000 structure covered by donors

When Belleville Christian School needed some new playground equipment to ensure a student who has a cochlear implant is able to participate in recreational activities they received generous support from donors.

Cochlear implants provide a sense of sound for people who are profoundly deaf or very hard of hearing. Children who have a cochlear implant are advised to not use plastic playground slides.

The school’s first quote for new equipment was $30,000. To help fund the purchase, the school applied to the community-based Parrot Foundation, which donated $10,000.

The playground manufacturer, Henderson Recreation Equipment Limited, helped find equipment that was on sale, totaling $20,000 including installation.

For the remaining funds the school approached some of its long-time supporters who donated the rest of the costs.

Principal Jennifer Richmond says the school is blessed to have very supportive alumni, as well as grandparents and parents who sent their kids to the school.

“It’s a really amazing support group,” says Richmond.

“When we are in need they step up to the plate, plain and simple, we just let known what our needs are and they are ready and eager to pitch in and help, especially when the main benefit behind all of this is a little boy would have been unable to come to our school because we had a plastic slide.”

Richmond says she thinks when God senses you have spiritual currency He decides to give some real currency.

“God holds the purse strings and with those servant hearts we gain spiritual currency,” Richmond says.

When students asked why the plastic slide was gone there were no complaints when it was explained to them it was to ensure a child could attend the school, says Richmond.

“It’s the attitude of the community and the attitude of the kids that made the difference here.”

The installation began Dec. 1, and students anxiously awaited the opening of the new equipment that has four stainless steel slides.

On Dec. 8 it was ready to use. Word got out on the weekend and the kids flew off the bus on Monday morning.

“It was standing room only on it for the first couple of days,” says Richmond.

“Our kids are really, really thrilled.”