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Brantford Christian academy performs musical at school for the visually impaired

Written on April 4th, 2007

Students from Brantford Christian academy performed a Christmas musical at W. Ross Macdonald school this past season.

W. Ross has a strong music and drama focus, says Principal Don Neale. Students have travelled province-wide to do music concerts. They’ve sung on the steps of the legislature at Queen’s Park. The school also offers a dramatic presentation twice a year.

“Our students are a very good audience,” says Neale. “They know what it takes to get up and perform.”

When Neale was contacted about the Brantford Christian Academy’s interest in performing at the school, he says he saw it as a “win-win” opportunity. W. Ross has a 300-seat auditorium. So the Brantford students, who first performed for family-members and friends at their own school, had an opportunity to display their dramatic abilities before a large audience. The musical also gave W. Ross an opportunity to support the performing arts and music.

“We know the importance of the arts in education,” says Neale.

Carol Rennie, a teacher at Brantford Christian Academy, says the W. Ross students seemed to really enjoy the musical, called Joyland.

“They seemed very impressed with the quality of the drama, for the size of our school,” says Rennie.

The academy offered to perform the drama as a component of its Good Neighbour activities, to raise awareness about the school and do some act of kindness for those in the community. Other activities planned for this year’s Good Neighbour campaign include cleaning up the neighbourhood and visiting a local long-term care home.

W. Ross Macdonald School provides alternative educational and residential living placement for students who are blind, deaf/blind, or have low-vision.