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Bread and Wine

Written on February 6th, 2017

I had the privilege of witnessing my grandson’s first participation in the Lord’s Supper in church recently. He joined me, my wife and his older brother in leaving our pew to file up to the elders serving the meal. The elders bent low to serve him, as he is only three years old. He reached for the bread and his grandmother thoughtfully picked up his cup of grape juice. We re-entered our pew, placed our tiny glasses of juice in the pew holders and sat back with the piece of bread in our hands.

We waited.

He sat still, eyes wide open, watching the people filing back to their seats. He listened as our pastor resumed the litany of the service.  All the while his little fingers explored the small square of bread in his hand.

When it was time to join with the entire congregation—to eat the bread and to drink from the tiny glass of juice—he watched the pastor intently and carefully followed his example, consuming the elements in unison with us all.

As we placed our glasses down, he looked at us and asked quietly, “Is there more?”

Grandmother said that this was all. He seemed disappointed.

I could not say anything.  I was so struck by the meaning of his question.

Perhaps he wondered why there was so little in this meal, as he always had a plate full of food elsewhere.  Did he wonder why this special meal was so sparse? I doubted whether this was a Dickensian moment; he is not a starving orphan.

My hope is that his question came from a desire to feast at the Lord’s table. I wanted to say, “Grandson, there is so much more waiting for you. A lifetime of partaking and blessing!” I wanted to hug him and show him his bright future, to be living as a child of God.

The moment passed. We stood to sing and receive the benediction blessing. He fidgeted like any other three-year-old boy. He was impatient to go to the fellowship hall to have his cup of lemonade with the other children.

What a Sunday service!

It is my prayer that all children will long for and embrace the gift of Jesus Christ.  He is our Saviour and Lord.  We want to love him and serve him. We remember him best in the bread and the wine.

My grandson caught his first taste of Christ that day.  I will never forget it!