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Cambridge Christian School Presents, Annie

Written on May 29th, 2015

Annie Play at CCS

The cast and chorus of ‘Annie Jr.’ sang, danced and acted their way into the hearts of their audience in an amazing four performances during Christian Education Week, April 27 - May 1.

Mackenzie Place, who starred as the loveable and spunky Annie, helped lead a cast and chorus of over 50 talented performers in a show that we won’t soon forget.

Carina Wolfert, the jaded and heartless Mrs. Hannigan, Josh Slotegraaf and Hollen Hughes, con artists Mr. and Mrs. Mudge, and Steven Baczynskyj as the billionaire, Mr. Warbucks, along with his personal secretary, Grace Farrell, played by Madison Trafford, were outstanding in their roles.

The sound of pails, hitting the ground in exact precision by the orphans in the ‘Hard Knock Life’, is still ringing in our ears!

On behalf of all the musical coaches, thanks for the memories, students!

- Fran J. Huberts


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