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Canada Cup!

Written on June 26th, 2017

The grade 3/4 class at Alliston Community Christian School (ACCS) celebrated our country’s 150th birthday with Canada-themed activities throughout the last week of school. Students were divided into teams to compete for “The Canada Cup”. Each team created a finger-print flag on which each member’s finger prints had to be visible. This represented Canada’s diversity, with many people groups leaving their mark on the tapestry of our nation. Teams also worked together to solve challenging math problems about the geography of Canada and created bean graphs to compare the populations of the provinces and territories. Each bean represented 10,000 people, so with 13.6 million people in Ontario alone, the students did a lot of bean counting!

Students also learned about The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and discussed how life is different in countries that do not enjoy these same rights. They discussed responsibilities as citizens to obey the law, vote in elections, protect our country, and treat others with respect. “While we are proud and happy to be Canadian citizens, we are also grateful to be citizens of God’s Kingdom,” shared MaryEllen Span, the grade 3/4 teacher.

Regardless of which team won “The Canada Cup”, all of the students at ACCS finished the week with a greater appreciation for both citizenships.