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Canada Studies End in Birthday Celebration

Written on June 21st, 2017

For the past number of years, the primary division at Calvin Christian School in Hamilton has spent the first two weeks of June learning about Canada. The students always look forward to Canada Studies as it is a nice break from the regular classroom routine and a change of pace for the last couple of weeks of school.

We divide the students into mixed grade groups and spend 6 afternoons traveling to different classrooms, learning about different Canadian topics. We learn about Canadian art and artists, Canadian nature, Canadian music, Canadian literature and authors, Canadian sports, and Canadian inventions.

We end off these two weeks with a celebration in the gym and review of all the material covered. This year was even more exciting as it is Canada’s 150th birthday! For our celebration this year, we arranged the students into a 1-5-0 formation to take a picture, and sang happy birthday to Canada as well. The students were encouraged to wear red and white and we ended off the afternoon with some ice cream complete with a Canadian flag on a toothpick.

It was a fun two weeks learning about the amazing country God has blessed us with!