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Cardus Education Survey 2016

Written on October 11th, 2016



Cardus Education Survey 2016 Available Now | October 11, 2016

HAMILTON, October 11, 2016—As debate rages across North America over the role of independent schools within public education systems, we at Cardus have released our 4th national education survey.

The 2016 Cardus Education Survey confirmed findings from 2012 that undermine the stereotype that public school graduates are more civically minded than those from independent schools.

CES 2016 surveyed graduates from 968 public schools and 359 independent schools earlier this year.

Get the full report, and all of our previous reports and data packs, freely available for download at

You may also download the media backgrounder at this link.


The Cardus Education Survey Tour

Dr. Beth Green is excited to be touring Canada and the U.S. this fall to introduce the 2016 findings. This included presentations at the Christian Schools Canada conference in Banff last month, and the CESA annual symposium in Denver last week. Later this month look for Cardus at the Edifide Educators Convention in Hamilton, and the SCSBC Leadership Conference in Surrey next month.