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Change generates excitement at Cambridge Christian School

Written on January 24th, 2012

Speaking from a trailer in front of Cambridge Christian School (CCS), interim chief operating officer Fran Huberts was looking forward to moving back into the building this month and to being closer to the students.

The elementary school is undergoing a major renovation that’s relocated a number of students and staff but has generated much excitement.

“We see the process and the progress,” Huberts says, noting the new space is designed to accommodate new programming, including a preschool as well as two-day, three-day, and five-day kindergarten.

Huberts notes that CCS is joining other schools in meeting an expressed desire by parents for childcare during the day.

The preschool could help to grow the student population, which rose this year to 190 from 172.

“We’re hoping that by expanding to include preschool, there will be a desire from our community to join our multi-denominational school. It’s encouraging and exciting that more families want to be part of the Christian education system,” Huberts says.

Working at CCS for more than 25 years in both teaching and administrative roles, Huberts believes the closely-knit school community is one of its strengths.

Bonds already formed amongst children through CCS’ school family program, where the older students lead groups of pupils from all classes in devotions and other activities, have been enriched through the construction work. With one entrance into the school, the senior students have been guiding the kindergarten and Grade 1 students into the school and through the hall to their adjacent classrooms — some hand in hand.

Huberts has found that there’s a lot of bonding and communication taking place, and that is one of the things that the parents really appreciate.

The sense of community is also nurtured amongst families and parents. The school’s advancement co-ordinator, who joined CCS last year, is available to new families, who are also paired with an ambassador family.

“As soon as they walk in the door, there’s someone they can contact if they have questions,” Huberts says.

With no bussing at CCS, parents often see one another as they pick up and drop off their children. The school also has a rich base of volunteers.

“They enjoy getting to know each other,” Huberts says, adding that families whose children have graduated often comment on how much they miss the community of friends.

Huberts is also thankful for the teachers, whom she says are committed to teaching the whole child.

“I see this every time I walk into the classroom,” she says.

In addition to the physical changes and new programming to come, Huberts is excited for this year’s rebuilding of the resource program, which focuses on maintaining students’ independent education plans and addressing challenges faced by young readers.

Hoping to return to the classroom next year, Huberts notes that she’s receiving much assistance navigating through this busy school year from her administration team and the board of directors.