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Christian Education Week

Written on April 17th, 2014

Every year, Christian Schools International (CSI) designates one week in April as a time for its member schools to celebrate the gift of Christian education. The theme of this year’s Christian Education Week, set to take place between April 21-27, is “Plant a Tree”. Many OACS schools are members of CSI and will join in reflecting on Genesis 21:33, when Abraham plants a Tamarisk tree in Beersheba and calls upon the name of the Lord.

A good summary of the thinking behind this year’s theme is available on the CSI website:

Believers in Christian education are like those who plant trees under whose shade we never intend to sit (paraphrase of a quote from Nelson Henderson). Abraham did just that. He planted a slow-growing tree in the desert of the Promised Land. He would never enjoy the shade of the tree. Instead it was a testimony to God’s faithfulness and a symbol to his children. Yes, God is faithful and his promises are sure.

To celebrate Christian Education Week, many OACS schools will open their doors to visitors. Parents, grandparents, strangers and friends will see drama productions, musicals and other fun activities taking placereminding staff and students that good Christian Education is rooted in an active and vibrant community.