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Community BBQ Celebrates Canada 150

Written on June 20th, 2017

Community Christian School in Drayton set aside an evening to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in May, as a part of their spring Celebration of Learning event. Throughout the past year, the students have been working on a school-wide project-based learning project that answered the question, “How can CCS create a meaningful celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary in Drayton, as we commemorate our Canadian culture and heritage?” The students found various ways to tell the stories of the Drayton community over the history of Canada, and put their work on display on the evening of the Celebration of Learning.

The projects ranged from examining the histories of local communities such as Fergus and Palmerston, to local interests on the changes in farming practices and the collection of maple syrup, to exploring the furthest reaches of our country through Skype interviews with Parks Canada staff from across the country including Quttinirpaaq National Park, Nunavut and even ventured beyond our world by exploring robotics and the Canadarm. They demonstrated their knowledge by engaging their creative skills. There were original paintings, models, sound recordings, games, baking, and a robot.

“We want to ensure that sharing these stories goes beyond the walls of this school,” shared CCS principal Raymond Verburg. “We want to be able to communicate something of value within our community—to share and celebrate our local culture, heritage, and stories.”

The celebration included a free barbecue for the public. “During the planning, we intentionally kept our focus on creating a celebration that moved beyond our school community,” shared Mr. Verburg, “and we invited the whole community to celebrate Canada’s birthday and celebrate our student’s work.” To achieve this goal, the Celebration of Learning and BBQ were set up at the local Agricultural Hall. This gave them space to accommodate a larger crowd, but also to create a space where everyone felt free to visit.

“The evening was a huge success,” continued Mr. Verburg. “There were many in the crowd that I did not recognize and who expressed their appreciation of the gift of food and an appreciation for the work of our students. This was an opportunity for Community Christian School to give back to their community and to share our voices of faith within the larger celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.”