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Digital Frontiers: Testing New Tech in the Christian Classroom

Written on May 12th, 2017

Digital learning is the new normal for schools across Canada. Eighty percent of kids in kindergarten now use computers in the classroom. Roughly half of the student body comes to school with his or her own device; 96 percent of classrooms have computers. Teachers communicate with parents less on paper and more online. Technology is changing the way we live and it’s changing the face of education, too – often in exciting and innovative ways.

Alongside the opportunities, however, are notable obstacles. Textbook use is shrinking and free online resources can be unreliable. Rural schools are concerned about bandwidth; and half of families with a household income below $30,000 have no internet access at home ( Christian Courier interviewed teachers and principals across the country to find out how technology is being used in Christian classrooms today. Is technology helping or hindering student learning? What blessings does digital literacy bring? What barriers remain?  Read more …