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Dunnville Christian School runs for EduDeo

Written on November 15th, 2011

Running 354 kilometres in about 45 minutes, students at Dunnville Christian School raised $3,780 for EduDeo Ministries.

Hannah VanderWier teaches Grades 7 and 8 at the school, and organized the Road2Hope run-a-thon to promote fitness and raise money for the mission that provides children in developing countries with Christian education.

VanderWier says the students get health benefits out of the run-a-thon and learn what’s going on in other countries.

“We have so much that we can give,” says VanderWier.

She says part of the school’s mission is to equip students to grow in knowledge and wisdom and challenge them to develop the gifts in service to God and others.

“The whole point of this fundraiser is to focus on other people in need,” says VanderWier.

The morning of the run, the school operated without electricity, to give students an idea of how difficult it can be for some children to get an education.

“It was harder than it sounds,” says VanderWier.

The school was practicing for its Christmas program, and couldn’t use the CD player.

In classrooms, it was back to blackboards, as the SMARTboards weren’t on.

Students at the school run every day, and VanderWier says the 115 students ran a half-kilometre loop. At least seven members of the team had to be running at the same time.

Watching older students hold the hands of “little kids, helping them finish their loop” was “neat,” says VanderWier.

She was pleased to see the older chapel team members encouraging the young ones.

After the run-a-thon, VanderWier, two teachers , two parents and 16 students participated in Hamilton’s Road2Hope run, which raises money for several charities.

The Dunnville Christian School team ran for EduDeo.

VanderWier invited members of the cross country team, although anyone from the school could have run.

She’s participated twice before, but it was a first-time run for all the others.

The event draws thousands of runners.

VanderWier says the races are contagious, and she was pleased that students are already asking if they can go again next year. “So that’s pretty cool. They loved it.”

She hopes the students will gear up for the race and train for it, improving their fitness.