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Etobicoke school provides full-time kindergarten option

Written on August 5th, 2009

Prayer keeps school on track, says principal

Timothy Christian School (TCS) in Etobicoke is another member of the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS) that is staying ahead of the game by providing a full-time kindergarten option for the coming school year.

The Ontario public education system has announced it will begin a full-time kindergarten program in Sept., 2010.

Principal Margareth Lise says TCS made the decision to provide the full-time program in part because of the news about change in the public schools.

Several parents have inquired about a full-time kindergarten option at TCS in the last few years, which has also influenced the decision, says Lise.

“We thought, we’re in Toronto, we have people inquiring about full-time kindergarten, let’s offer it and see if it makes a difference, see if it (brings in) families,” she says.

The part-time program will still be an option and will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, as it has in the past. Students who also attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays will receive an extension of the existing curriculum, says Lise.

Two new families have joined the school this year directly as a result of the change. The hope is that more will join as the school continues to promote the full-time option in the community.

To accommodate the change, the school’s current kindergarten teacher will be increasing her employment time to 80 per cent, while another part-time staffer fills in the remaining hours.

Lise says that in recent months she is realizing how important it is to “put our faith in God, that He’s going to continue to provide” for the school.

She notes the school has two parents who pray weekly for the school and this is vital to its ongoing success.

For the past five years TCS has been able to stay on budget for the most part, which Lise attributes in large part to God’s provision.

This year the school is welcoming seven new families, with the hope that more will enroll before the new year begins. Lise says the signs are positive as interested families continue to call the school.

“(I’m) realizing that if we’re doing what God wants us to do, we are going to continue to grow, (and) we’ll be the size that God wants us to be,” says Lise.

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