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Expansion of services, skills brought into OACS with new staff members

Written on September 22nd, 2008

An exciting review of the OACS underway

With new directors joining the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS) staff this year there are fresh skills and expanded services in the organization’s portfolio.

Five director positions have a change in personnel, some with new job titles to reflect the different portfolios.

Ray Hendriks, who applied for the opening of director of communications, is now in a newly created position called director of advancement.

This role incorporates visiting and working with schools to enhance recruitment and advancement, which is a “real fit” for Hendriks, he says.

Working with individual schools and regional groups of schools is half the job, notes Hendriks. The other half is continuing the communications work. This includes receiving calls from schools in regards to employment relation issues, policies and ongoing daily operations.

Jennie Das joined the OACS as director of financial development. In addition to monitoring OACS finances, she will also be available to consult with schools.

“I will be offering consulting services to any of our Christian schools that are under our umbrella who want additional financial advice,” says Das.

Das will continue her previous consulting work at Toronto District Christian High School. As a certified management accountant, Das says she looks forward to working with more OACS schools and providing financial advice and support. With experience and expertise in cash flow management and making systems work, Das will be able to offer ideas on improvements.

Larry Lutgendorff, the new OACS director of development, says fundraising is a major component of his new role and he is working on several new initiatives.

“I have a lot of connections across the province and I am good at generating relationships with people and that’s what fundraising is all about — it’s connecting people through relationships with the vision and mission of the organization,” he says.

So far in his portfolio Lutgendorff is looking to develop a new bursary program. Another project is a call out to churches and supporters to help fund some needed updates to the existing intermediate language arts program.

Lutgendorff will also be relaunching the fundraising campaign for the OACS’ new building and heritage hall.

“There is a lot of goodwill and good support for the OACS and I think we will have some interesting events … to help this campaign along,” says Lutgendorff.

Gary VanArragon, director of secondary services, says he joined the organization because he was looking for new challenges. He says he thinks the OACS is positioned to engage in new projects to move Christian high schools forward as a group with greater levels of co-operation and development of programs.

“There’s a really exciting review of (the OACS) — what services it can offer, how it can operate, and so on, I’m really enjoying being part of the organization and I think it has enormous potential,” says VanArragon.