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Faith leaders and students connect during Education Week

Written on April 9th, 2011

The close relationship between faith and education was one of the themes highlighted at Chatham Christian Schools last week in recognition of Education Week.

Specifically, a breakfast gathering of pastors from area churches brought faith leaders together with students and staff to share the atmosphere of the school community.

Nearly 20 pastors broke bread during Thursday’s breakfast and the feedback head administrator Marvin Bierling received was overwhelmingly positive.

“The pastors got to connect with students in their various classrooms and see what was going on here at the school,” says Bierling.

“They loved it, and what you could tell was how much the students appreciated seeing their pastors visiting the school because the students were eager to chat with them and that whole church-home-school connection was emphasized.”

Grade 7 teacher Michael Hoekstra had a chance to see the interaction between the school’s guests and the students and says he could sense the children’s excitement as their pastors saw them in their own environment.

As the pastors toured the school, his students were smiling waving at their own pastor, showing their sense of pride.

“That’s a really nice connection to make,” says Hoekstra.

One pastor, who is new to the community, visited the school for the first time that morning. This gentleman’s church isn’t represented in the student body but he wrote in a thank-you message to Bierling of how he could see the children being “blessed by both the church and the school.”

Bierling says that sort of interaction, like the open house they held last week, doubles as a development opportunity.

The faith bridge to education is highlighted during these kinds of events, he says, “and if we want to continue to exist as a vibrant school then there better be something unique about us and that’s the most unique thing we’ve got going for us.”