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Family-feel attracts mom to Ottawa Christian School

Written on November 19th, 2010

When Janet Sanii started searching for a school for her five-year-old son it was the feeling of family that resonated with her when meeting with the principal and advancement co-ordinator at Ottawa Christian School (OCS).

Having been previously attending a Montessori-based daycare, Sanii says the family looked at a variety of different school options for her son.

She learned of OCS, a member of the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools, through a colleague who has children attending the school and had “extremely positive input” about the experience.

Sanii says she wanted her son to be in a school that has a “welcoming feel every day,” which was a key feeling she had at the school.

She says talking with the principal and advancement co-ordinator was comfortable from the start, and had a very collaborative feel when discussing how the school works, noting it was “very refreshing and very enlightening.”

Another element Sanii was looking for is a school focused on delivering the best education for each child, which she found at OCS.

“(Right away at OCS) we were talking about the children, we were talking about what the education is based on and how it happens and it was very welcoming and very open,” says Sanii.

“It’s almost like this feeling of coming home,” she adds.

The other key to choosing the school is its focus on Christian-based education with religion as a cornerstone, says Sanii.

When making the decision to enrol, Sanii says she felt excitement and relief, followed by calm and peace.

In the couple months her son has been attending OCS, Sanii says it “amazes” her to see how well the children integrate with one another across grades and ages.

“It’s that level of kindness and patience and understanding that you see in all of the children,” she says.

Thinking about his graduating from the school, Sanii pictures her son standing tall and proud with his group of friends who are like a family.

“Even at this point, I see that in the community,” she says, adding when she drops her son off at school she sees in the children a sense of pride in their community, in their school and in themselves.