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Family finds fit at Redeemer Christian High School

Written on January 12th, 2011

Myriam Doylend knew it would be important to send her son to a school where he was accepted for who he is, and says her son Ben has “flourished” since attending Redeemer Christian High School in Nepean.

Ben, who has a learning disability and difficulty reading social cues, knew where he wanted to attend high school after hearing the principal of Redeemer speak to a Grade 8 class at a local independent school.

Doylend arranged for Ben to spend a day at the high school, and she met with the principal and resource teacher.

“I was completely won over by their sincere desire to accommodate Ben’s needs and by their kind and supportive approach,” says Doylend.

She recalls liking the small class sizes, but most importantly could sense the atmosphere would benefit and nurture her son.

“No junk on the walls; typical young people noise, but not raucous; the students I met were polite and friendly; the office staff were lovely; the courses, while meeting accredited standards were to be taught within a Christian approach and context; the teachers seemed dedicated and an atmosphere of mutual respect between teachers and students seemed to be fostered,” says Doylend.

She says she knows Ben feels safe and secure at the school, noting he has been bullied and teased in the past because he is different.

“Ben has flourished at Redeemer because he has found a compassionate, kind, Christian atmosphere which has allowed him to develop self confidence, alleviate anxiety, and contribute to both his personal and academic development,” she says.

Now in Grade 11, every day Ben comes home with stories about his interaction with teachers and students.

The Doylend family recommend the school to everyone they meet. They credit principal Chuck Schoenmaker for his leadership and dedication to enable students to fulfil their potential, as well as foster “a marvellous Christian atmosphere.”

The family also endorses the guidance and resource department staff members Jason Grootenboer and Mary Ann Stassen, and all Ben’s teachers who “encourage him and are so helpful.”

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