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Family seeks to strengthen child for life through Christ-centred education

Written on October 29th, 2010

Anxious and excited. That’s how Monica Vrolyk says she feels as she and her family launch their journey into Christian education.

This September her son began attending Junior Kindergarten at Sarnia Christian School.

The family is new to the community, so there’s still a lot of connecting to do but so far it’s been a good experience, says Vrolyk.

Noting that her own schooling included both Christian independent and public education, while her husband attended a Christian school kindergarten to Grade 12, Vrolyk says both of them are passionate about ensuring their child receives a solid grounding in the Christian faith.

“I’ve seen both sides of the picture. I know you can have fabulous experiences in the public system, just like you can have fabulous experiences in the Christian school system,” she says.

“So for me the main thing is that there is a grounding in spiritual and biblical teaching. That is the main reason why I wanted (my son) in Christian education.

She adds this is so important to her because she sees it as vital to his entire being and future direction.

“Hopefully that (Christ-centred education) would influence all areas of his life, whatever his interests are, whatever in life he decides to pursue, that that would be an influence.”

Vrolyk adds she is especially excited about opportunities the school can provide for her son to learn how to see and care for others.

“I’m hoping that there would be experiences that would help him see beyond himself, that he would be able to be involved in community and volunteering, (both) locally and globally.”

Vrolyk admits her anxiety stems from the fact that the family isn’t entirely sure how and if they will be able to finance Christian education year over year.

“We’re going on a year to year basis. We don’t know what next year will bring. We’re just hoping and praying about it, that God will provide the means to send our children to Christian schools throughout their entire school life.”