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First impression a lasting one for Karl Reid

Written on June 19th, 2012

When Karl Reid first went to Kingston Christian School (KCS) to discuss a French teacher opening, he was greeted at the front door by a Grade 8 student who asked, “May I help you?”

Reid says when he replied that he was looking for the office to talk with the principal, the student offered to show him where it was.

“That just blew me out of the water,” says Reid, noting it is the little things like this that leave a lasting and memorable impression.

Having attended public schools, Reid says he personally wasn’t exposed to Christian education, and meeting the Grade 8 student that day left him thoroughly impressed that an adolescent was so responsive.

He began teaching at KCS in 1989, and is now retiring from the school, finishing his seventh year as principal.

Reid was initially asked to be an interim principal, and says after twisting his arm he accepted the position. He notes there have been challenges, but he’s enjoyed the position and the affirmation of the community of his being in the role.

Being able to express his faith and be part of a faith-based community has kept him in Christian education over the years, he says.

The principal often presents the analogy of the three-legged milking stool to prospective parents at the school. The three legs represent home, church and school — each vital in child rearing and the absence of one causes instability.

Reid expresses his appreciation of the community for 23 years.

“We’ve gone through difficult times and yet everybody has stayed focused and positive and really supportive,” he says.

“I’m just very thankful for such a caring community and for the parents who really want the best for their children in Christian education.”

When asked about his hope for the future of Christian education, he says the future is hopeful because Christ is leading.

“As long as the focus remains on the Christian element, and we don’t get too wrapped up in politics, I think God will honour Christian education for years to come,” he says, adding having committed parents working alongside their Christian education school of choice is also key.