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Happenstance conversations vital to future of education, Globe article underscores

Written on October 23rd, 2012

A Globe and Mail article published this week on the future of higher education makes the expected investigation into the impact of the digital world on future learning, but closes with what might be a surprising find for some.

While it’s as good as done that technology is upending education at all levels — as it has the music and publishing industries — surveys show the most satisfied students are those who have the most opportunity for connection with their peers and professors.

Of course, thoughtfully-used technology can bolster interaction, Globe writer Erin Millar suggests, but it’s the happenstance connections and hashing out of ideas in all kinds of in-person settings, from school halls to campus pubs, that appear to continue to generate the most value.

Just in the last couple of days, several new online articles have been posted extolling the virtues and detailing the uses of various digital tools in the classroom, beginning at the elementary level.

Amongst those:

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As educators and learners across the planet grapple with the flood of opportunity shining out of a literal window into worlds upon digital worlds, is this question of how we create the space for lots of meaningful, possibly happenstance conversations between people a guideline to consider?

What might be other guidelines?

How are Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools members making their choices when it comes to the plethora of digital tools available? What higher thinking shapes their decisions?