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Helping Emusa Basic School Rebuild

Written on February 27th, 2014

After hearing about a fierce wind storm that destroyed the roof of Emusa Basic School in Zambia, teachers at Calvin Christian School (CCS) in Hamilton were eager to help. The circumstances sounded bleak: damage sustained by the building from the wild weather meant that classes had to take place beneath the shade of  nearby Mango trees, or inside makeshift shelters constructed with pieces of the old roof—neither solution could offer protection from the elements, especially during the cold and rainy seasons. The school’s strong box, used to secure examination materials, was now inside a storage room that local environmental workers classified as “a death trap,” making it impossible for the school to administer some of its state tests.

News of Emusa Basic School’s difficult situation spread to Calvin Christian School (CCS) in Hamilton, by way of EduDeo Ministries. Fueled by a desire to assist the Zambia school in whatever way they could, CCS teachers challenged their students to participate in a walkathon called Road2Hope, which raises funds for schools that partner with EduDeo Ministries. Staff and students at CCS signed up for the event with the hopes of raising $10,000 for Emusa Basic School. They exceeded that goal by $9,000!

The Emusa Basic School community put the funds they received from CCS towards rebuilding and transforming their facility. They removed the remaining pieces of their old roof from the building, cleaned out the inside of damaged classrooms, scraped off plaster from bricks, installed new windows, set up metal trusses to support a new roof, and covered that structure with metal sheets.

On February 13th, Phil Beck, Canadian Partnership Coordinator at EduDeo Ministries visited CCS during its Valentines assembly, to thank students for their willingness to help. “You demonstrated your love by asking people here in Hamilton, or other people far away, to help raise funds for people who attend Emusa School,” he said.

Beck continued his presentation by showing students a video of Mrs. Patrinah Nalishuwa, Acting Deputy at Emusa Basic School.

“Previously some of our people used to learn under the mango trees. Then the learning time was reduced. During the rain and cold season our learners used to have a lot of problems because they suffered coldness outside. But with the assistance we are very much relieved and we do appreciate it” said Nalishuwa.

Reverned Peter Chipeta and Boniface Mumba, two representatives from the Education Department of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, also had the opportunity to thank the CCS community through video.

“This gift is coming at the right time,” said Peter. “The joy that we have is so great”.

“They’ve given us lots of encouragement” said Boniface about CCS’s support. “Through the pupils at Calvin Christian School, we can actually help children see the need of helping other children elsewhere. That is amazing for me”.