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Heritage Christian School welcomes new principal

Written on October 3rd, 2008

Kim Bolton says the people make her new job ‘an absolute pleasure every day’

After 25 years of involvement with Grace Christian Academy in Peterborough, Kim Bolton has taken on the position of principal at Heritage Christian School (HCS) in Lindsay.

While she’s still focused on getting to know the school’s families and staff, Bolton says she has already had a taste of the kind of community she’s joined.

“I love the community; it’s very warm and welcoming,” she says.

Coming to work every day has been “an absolute pleasure,” she adds, thanks to the calibre of the staff, parents and students at HCS.

Along with the school board and committees, Bolton’s top priority for her first year will be fulfilling the HCS five-year strategic plan, now in its fifth year.

As with most independent schools across North America, the school is facing challenges in terms of long-term sustainability.

Bolton points out that independent schools are facing increasing costs, higher tuition, declining enrolment and a declining economy.

“So how do we work with those factors to maintain the schools, which may continue to be smaller, long-term?”

In her view, part of the answer to this question lies in broadening the school’s financial support base, being creative in terms of daily school operations, and maintaining and increasing the quality of the education provided, irrespective of student numbers.

With regards to the strategic plan, a key objective for the school year is developing a church ambassador program.

Bolton points out that this activity is important because “Christian schooling works best where there’s a good meshing with the views of the parents as well as the church.”

Developing the program will involve training people who shape decisions around them “on how to carefully communicate the vision of the school.”

Bolton says she had always admired HCS and saw it as a healthy school that she would be interested in working with.

When the principal position opened, she decided to apply and is thankful she did.

“I think I’ve found the best job in the world,” she says with a chuckle.