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Heritage Christian School’s hymn fest gathers community through music

Written on June 8th, 2009

Annual event brings together surrounding churches, school supporters

Heritage Christian School in Lindsay runs an annual hymn fest that brings together supporters in the region who share a love of traditional music.

Held each year at the end of March or beginning of April, the event takes place at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Lindsay, which has a beautiful atmosphere, says principal Kim Bolton.

“It’s enjoyable for everybody, it maintains our connection with St. Andrew’s Presbyterian, it appeals to people who don’t necessarily come to our other events (and) it’s a nice point of contact with supporters in a place that’s more wheelchair accessible than we are,” says Bolton.

The event is open to the general community, and the school sends invitations to 23 churches in the surrounding area.

“There is usually a good representation from the various supporting churches of older people who are interested in the school but do not have a direct contact with it,” says vice-principal Garry Schubert.

Schubert says the event is also wonderful exposure to a broader Christian community without a lot of effort on the school’s part.

A free will offering is collected, and Bolton says for some supporters it is when they give their annual contribution to the elementary school.

The program consists of traditional hymns and some contemporary pieces. The school has some excellent singers within its families, notes Bolton, including an international gospel singer who performed several pieces at this year’s event. The school band also performs, and each year there is a different form of special music, such as a hand bell choir.

Different churches take part in leading the praise and worship time each year.

Bolton says the event was developed by people who love traditional music, and other schools looking to create something unique should consider the interests within its people.

“In terms of developing something unique, it really has to come out of the passions of the people that you have,” she says.