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ICS "Journeys with Jesus"

Written on January 20th, 2015

ICS_Journey With Jesus
In November 2014,  Immanuel Christian School in Aylmer  introduced the idea of Project-Based Learning through an Integrated Study entitled “Journey with Jesus”.

Each grade investigated and researched different driving questions: What did Jesus eat? What did Jesus wear? What kind of work did Jesus do? Which buildings did Jesus know? What did the Family tree of Jesus look like? How did Jesus travel? The goal of this project was for students to gain an in-depth understanding of an aspect of the life and times of Jesus.

The research conducted by each class was used to create a school-wide presentation for the Christmas Program to take the community on a “Journey with Jesus” inside the school. The journey began with the manger (Christmas) and ended with the cross (Easter) with each class presenting an aspect of Jesus’ life in between. Each classroom was transformed into a biblical setting according to their topic as students presented their work through props, costumes, artwork and written pieces. The audience was divided in groups to be guided by a grade eight student on a journey through the various rooms.

Each and every student was involved in this project and the result was a “journey” for all of us!

“I also learned that young Jesus taught sixty year old men and I think that is amazing!” said grade four student Lily Sinke. “This tells us that we’re never too small to teach people the Bible. Through our faith in Jesus Christ, we believe and can spread God’s Word.”

Our Journey was a great success and was met with much positive feedback by parents and other members of the community! As one grandparent wrote after, “I think the teachers and children did an excellent job and it was evident that they put a lot of work into it. Again, good job! Thank you so much!”

Written by Ina Groeneweg, Kindergarten Teacher at Immanuel Christian School

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