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Written on February 11th, 2014

In a recent CBC Radio podcast “Island Morning With Mitch and Matt” Immanuel Christian School (ICS) principal, Matthew Mann, is interviewed about his school’s anticipated move from Park Church in Charlottetown to a facility three times the size the old Kent Building Supplies store on Allen Street.

In October, Mann was invited by the father of an ICS student to tour the space. Since then, six parents from the ICS community have banded together to buy the facility, without any expectation of financial return. They have “covenanted together in agreement not to make any money,” says Mann. “They are doing this for the sake of blessing the school. They knew we needed a place.”

Over the last few years, student enrollment at ICS has risen from roughly 50 students to 100, creating a need for larger classrooms. Mann also hopes to turn the school into a combined elementary and high school something that can’t be done without more space.

ICS will use about 40 percent of the Kent Building Supplies building and plans to erect one large wall that will divide the school space from the tenant space. Office spaces will be reconfigured as classrooms and the building’s lumber warehouse is just the right size for a full size high school gym. The other tenants using the building will subsidize the over all cost of the property, and ICS will foot the renovation bill.

Mann is delighted about the changes ahead, and describes his involvement in the transformation as “a principal’s dream.”

The school hopes to move into its new facility this fall.

To listen to the CBC podcast, click here.