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Interim principal excited to see children develop God’s gifts

Written on October 13th, 2011

[caption id=”attachment_1357” align=”aligncenter” width=”348”]DSCF1840FS Three generations helped prepare apples pies at Timothy Christian School on Oct. 6. The annual event is a fundraiser to help Grade 7 students offset the cost of a year-end trip.[/caption]

As a Christian educator, Brenda Goodnough is excited to “see kids develop the gifts that God has blessed them with as His children, and to equip them to serve and love the Lord.”

The interim principal of Timothy Christian School in Barrie, she is passionate about Christian education and likes developing those gifts and seeing God working in their lives academically, spiritually, physically and socially.

She feels it’s important the children have that good foundation wherever they go.

She has been Christian educator for 24 years and at Timothy for 16.

Goodnough says strengths at Timothy are solid academics, a band program for children in Grades 6-8, a resource program for children with special needs and English as a Second Language, and a unified staff of 19 seasoned teachers. She says students eagerly participate in sports and Battle of the Books, and enjoy the competition with other Christian schools.

The enrichment programs and extra-curricular activities help develop well-rounded students, says Goodnough.

Timothy’s school’s theme is “Whatever is excellent or praiseworthy,” from Philippians 4:8, which is being tied in with the chapel theme, The Beatitudes.

Goodnough says staff members are encouraging students “that by doing whatever true, noble, right, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy we will demonstrate beautiful attitudes in our classrooms, playground, hallways, home, everywhere in God’s world.”

The parent community is another of the school’s strengths, says Goodnough.

The day she spoke with the OACS News, parents and a grandparent were helping to make 200 apple pies for Thanksgiving as a Grade 7 fundraiser for their spring class trip.

In what she calls “a highlight” for Timothy, the school experienced significant growth in its primary division over the summer. There are 45 kindergarten students, enabling the school to run a full-time blended JK/SK class, plus part-time SK and JK classes.

“That was pretty exciting,” she says of 28 JK students coming in. “That was certainly a large growth for us over the summer time.”

She likes getting to know the children on a first name basis, and that they know the principal’s office isn’t a bad place.

Whether it’s giving out a birthday treat from the treasure box, giving a high-five in the hallway or stopping to be shown something, Goodnough likes feeling connected to the children.

“That’s fun,” she says. “That’s just exciting for me. They’re all my kids. I love teaching. I love the classroom environment.”

She wants the students to know that the office is a safe place if there are concerns and they need support. “But if you’re doing something wrong then, there’s the other side of me. There’s a balance you’re trying to work on.”