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ISAO working to enhance communication with Ministry of Education

Written on November 27th, 2009

Board looks to organize conferences as a forum to discuss issues

Representatives from the Independent School Associations of Ontario (ISAO) met with Ontario Education Minister Kathleen Wynne Nov. 4 and are working on building better communication channels between the ministry and independent school sector.

Adrian Guldemond, ISAO vice-chair, says the ISAO received a letter last week from Wynne stating the ministry understands the need for better communication and is prepared to institute a mechanism for regular communication with the ISAO.

Wynne has asked the ISAO to send the ministry suggestions as to how this enhanced communication would work.

The ISAO board is working to organize formal conferences to further the discussion between independent school administrators and the ministry on issues.

“Our goal is to have a number of ministry officials in the same room as independent school reps,” says Guldemond, noting they have not had that kind of opportunity since 2002.

The date for the conferences has not yet been determined.

Communication was one of three requests the ISAO made at the meeting with Wynne. There is no expected movement in the other areas, which included reopening discussion on French grants and the ministry engaging in a regular consultation process on issues affecting independent schools.

The ISAO is a network of independent school association leaders who collaborate to protect the integrity and autonomy of independent schools through communication with school associations and the ministry. Visit to learn more.