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Jarvis school ‘feels like family’

Written on November 3rd, 2010

One of the best things about Jarvis Community Christian School (JCCS) is that it feels like family, says Bobbie-Jo Kinniburgh, whose son is enrolled in the school’s kindergarten program.

Kinniburgh says she appreciates the fact that people from the school ask how she’s doing and “come alongside” her, particularly in light of the fact that her husband is currently away on military duty.

Other favourite parts of JCCS include that she can be so involved in her child’s education, says Kinniburgh.

“I feel like I can be a part of his education. That’s been a big thing,” she tells OACS News.

Kinniburgh says while she felt some initial reluctance about “sheltering” her child in a Christian independent school, she is now convinced the school will in fact give him a strong foundation for his life.

When she envisions her son graduating from Grade 8, she expects to have a great sense of peace knowing that he is well prepared to respond in a healthy way to the challenges of life.

“I know there are decisions he’s going to have to make in high school … and I know he’s going to have that Christian foundation to make those decisions from,” says Kinniburgh.

She believes he’ll be well prepared first and foremost because he’s receiving at the school what he is also taught at home in terms of a Christian, faith-based worldview.

Kinniburgh points out that even something as simple as starting the day at school with prayer provides a powerful opportunity to prepare children to thrive in life.

She also highlights the school’s commitment to working with the students as individuals, identifying their strengths and talents and then teaching according to those gifts.

Kinniburgh notes that even in the first year the teachers focus on who the child is, who God created him to be, how he learns best and so forth.

“They’re not just labeling him … They see him as an individual, uniquely designed by God.”

Kinniburgh plans to be involved in whatever way she can in the school in the coming weeks and months, to ensure she’s a part of her son’s education and contributing, even if it’s just in small ways.

She adds that she believes families should think seriously about choosing Christian independent schools, noting the financial investment in particular, which is often held up as a barrier, needs to be considered in a different light.

“I would say it’s all worth it. The future of our children is an investment,” she says.