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Jarvis school raises funds through The Sound of Music all-inclusive trip

Written on September 11th, 2009

Christian schools are open to sharing fundraising ideas, says parent

On Oct. 21, a group of Jarvis residents will take in a live performance of The Sound of Music at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto, enjoy a buffet lunch and avoid having to navigate Toronto traffic, thanks to an all-inclusive trip co-ordinated through Jarvis District Christian School (JDCS).

Tammy Miedema, a parent and active volunteer at the school, has organized the trip as a fundraiser for the school and she says the response has been very positive.

“We started with a small bus and ran the ad for about a month and ended up filling the biggest bus we could get,” says Miedema, who was chair of the school’s fundraising committee last year.

The school is working with a travel group which secured the bus and tickets for the theatre.

Within three weeks of advertising the event at its four supporting churches and in the school’s weekly newsletter, JDCS had 56 people signed up. Miedema notes many of those who responded are seniors.

She adds that out of the numerous fundraisers she’s been involved with this one has required less effort yet is expected to bring in a fairly good return.

On the day of the trip, coffee will be served at the school before participants board the bus. They will stop at the Mandarin, a Chinese buffet restaurant, for lunch and then make their way to the theatre. The school will supply water, juice and some snacks for the trip home.

JDCS learned about making the musical a fundraising event from Dunnville Christian School, a rural school like JDCS, which ran two busloads to The Sound of Music last spring. Miedema contacted the school to find out how they organized the event and followed what they did.

“I find Christian schools are very good for sharing information,” she adds, noting the JDCS fundraising committee tries to connect with other schools regularly to share successes and ideas.

Depending on responses, the school may organize another trip to the musical before it closes, which is rumoured to be in January 2010.

Miedema says they are also open to co-ordinating events involving other shows, if people are interested.

To learn more about making a musical event a fundraiser for your school contact JDCS at 519-587-4444.