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John Knox’s environment, facilities draws in new family

Written on January 14th, 2011

Cindy Lang remembers losing a lot of sleep when she was debating moving schools for her young sons.

She says her older son, who is seven, was happy at the school he was attending but she felt the school wasn’t large enough. With no gym, library or playground, she felt it lacked growth opportunities.

“I felt that it was really lacking in what they would need in the future,” says Lang, who made a list of pros and cons for the different school options available.

When she attended an open house at John Knox Christian School in Woodstock, Lang says she had a feeling of warmth from the school and the sense that her children would be loved and cared for.

She notes John Knox had the facilities she was looking for, and is a good size.

With her younger son starting junior kindergarten, Lang says she debated her options last summer, having attended various open houses and junior kindergarten welcome days.

She recalls feeling nervous as she visited John Knox again right before Labour Day with her older son, who had a tour and was showed where he would sit in the classroom. Lang says the teachers were “very understanding” and the visit put her mind at ease that they were making the right decision.

“My son, who all summer said he didn’t want to leave his school, left that day saying, ‘I want to go to John Knox, I want to be there,’” says Lang.

“We knew in the end it was the best thing to do,” she says.

Once the decision was made to enrol the two children, Lang says she felt relieved.

“I could finally sleep again, and (was) pretty confident that we had done the right thing for our kids, that it was a good fit and they were going to be happy.”

Five months since joining John Knox, Lang says the children are enjoying the school.

“They really are happy, there is no looking back,” she says.

She says she “can’t say enough about the teachers,” who she feels comfortable talking to about anything.

With many different values and beliefs in society, she says the family felt it would be difficult to raise the children to the Grade 8 level needing to protect them from the “worst elements out there.”

As a Christian school, she says the families have the same set of beliefs and want the same things for their children.

She adds when children are around other children who want to do well they will emulate those traits.

“I am completely happy and at peace with our decision, and there’s nothing like being told that your kids are an addition to the classroom and telling (you) about their gifts and not about their problems,” she says.