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Laurentian Hills Christian School prepares for approved expansion

Written on February 20th, 2009

New addition provides opportunities for growing school

Laurentian Hills Christian School in Kitchener is expanding with an addition that will provide space for the school’s current needs and leave room for more growth.

Chair of the capital expansion committee Derrick Grift says the school has been experiencing growth for a number of years, and at a 2005 membership meeting they discussed what the school needed to for the growing population.

“We came to the conclusion we needed to do something, we were bursting at the seams,” says Grift.

The school formed a facility design committee that created a wish list for the school. The school had six portables and desired to provide classrooms for all students within the building. They also wanted to expand the resource room.

At the Jan. 30 membership meeting, a 14,000 square-foot, two-storey expansion was approved.

“It addresses current needs in terms of replacing our portables, but it also allows us to prepare for expanded programs, so we’ll be adding a band program as part of the music room addition and we’ll also be able to better meet existing needs in our resource and international student program because of expanded space there,” says principal Ian Timmerman.

The addition includes an expanded resource room, a room for English as a Second Language (ESL), a music room and more storage.

The school plans to break ground in May and complete the expansion in December, with a January 2010 grand opening.

The expansion plan has a cost of $2.23 million to be financed with $1.55 million in donations and pledges, which represents 70 per cent of the total cost, and a $680,000 mortgage. The original expansion plan was for $2.6 million but the school scaled the plan back in order to stay within that membership mandate of 70 per cent of funds pledged.

Grift and Timmerman say it is exciting to see the community come together for this project even during an economic recession. During the recent membership meeting previous board chairs shared stories of other school expansion projects that were initiated in tough economic times.

“It’s really great to see the community is so supportive even though there’s some economic uncertainty right now, the community is still confident and it’s ready to go ahead with this project,” says Timmerman.

Grift says the school has come a long way and with the faithfulness and grace of God has grown. The school was planted its roots in 1967.

“We are really excited for the opportunity and just the excitement going forward, that it’s been a lot of planning, a lot of thought and prayer has gone into the project,” says Grift. “It’s just neat to really see it getting started.”

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