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Learning Stations Focus on "All Things Canadian"

Written on June 26th, 2017

Students at Timothy Christian School in Williamsburg were given the opportunity to celebrate “all things Canadian” recently, by participating in various Canadian learning stations.

In “From Sea to Sea,” the students learned about the geography of Canada. Students labeled a large floor map, and then played a game of twister. “Right foot on Manitoba, left hand on Nunavut!”Students also learned about how Canada stretches between two oceans, and did a fun relay of moving water with sponges from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

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At “Proud to be Canadian,” students talked about symbols of Canada and drew one or two on a pennant. These patriotic pennants will be sewn together and used as part of the Canada Day display in Timmy’s Place in Morrisbug.

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Did you know that Canadians invented the telephone, the paint roller, the zipper and the garbage bag? Another station was called “Great Canadian Inventions.” Students talked about how inventors use creativity and lots of trials and tinkering to solve a problem. Then they got a chance to explore circuits and machines and make a little gadget of their own, using Little Bits Kits. At the station named, “O Canada - the Boomwhacker Edition”, student in the school got a chance to use these fun Canadian instruments!

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And,of course, there was a station called “The Good Old Hockey Game,” where students learned about hockey and got to do some relays. Finally, the students posed for a celebratory “Canada 150” picture. God keep our land, glorious and free!

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