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London academy’s weekly chapels keep school theme at forefront

Written on September 28th, 2009

[caption id=”attachment_2660” align=”aligncenter” width=”300”]chapelFS Students and staff gather for a Wednesday morning chapel at London Christian Academy.[/caption]

School experiences steady growth in enrolment

Seeking to focus on more than just accomplishing daily tasks, London Christian Academy has moved to weekly chapels to help keep the school’s theme at the forefront of people’s thinking.

The current theme, which has been chosen by school leaders, is developing Christ-like character, with a new character trait emphasized each month. The student body and teachers are reminded of the importance of acting in a character similar to that of Christ through a variety of activities at each of the weekly meetings.

“We’re excited about building our community and focusing on the spiritual development of the children” through this, says principal Ron Hesman, noting that chapels used to take place only several times a year, which often resulted in the theme becoming less of a priority.

The weekly chapels, which run on Wednesdays, include student input.

As the school community looks to a new year, there are a number of other developments that members are excited about, says Hesman.

[caption id=”attachment_2662” align=”alignright” width=”230”]Sept 22 132FRONT Students of London Christian Academy pose with the school’s new sign.[/caption]

Most notably, the enrolment numbers have stayed at more than 200, with last year being the first time the school hit the 200 mark.

Hesman says student numbers have been steadily increasing for the past 10 years, which he credits in part to the school becoming more visible in the local community.

“I think that increasing the awareness of our school in our community has really been a positive thing,” he says, adding that a number of factors have helped raise the school’s profile.


Students of London Christian Academy pose with the school’s new sign.

Most notably, London Christian Academy purchased a building from the Catholic school board about six years ago, which placed it in a more central location in London. The new facility includes a gymnasium, science lab, computer lab and full-size library.

The school has also opened its doors to the community for a variety of events and it ensures it maintains a fresh, engaging website, both of which could be factors in attracting new families, according to Hesman.

However, the principal says he ultimately attributes the school’s positive growth trends to the “grace of God.”

Also exciting this year at London Christian Academy is the recent completion of a major roof repair and a new school sign.

The sign was made possible in large part through donations dedicated in memory of a school parent, Susan Christensen, who died of cancer several years ago.