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Looking Ahead: A New Way of Reporting the News in 2013/14!

Written on September 5th, 2013

As I revisit some of the recent articles published on the OACS website this year, I’m struck by the energy, creativity and sense of community that lives in OACS member schools. Many of them moved forward with new initiatives, celebrated milestones and responded thoughtfully to the needs of others, locally and abroad. Fortunately, the OACS News Service was there to document these significant moments—affirming to readers that faith-based learning thrives within and beyond the walls of the classroom.

This coming school year, the OACS will be bringing its news services in-house. The new direction of the OACS News Service will go hand in hand with a redesign of the OACS public website. Visually as well as structurally, we intend to create stronger links between our public news stories and our eCurriculum platform, providing members with interview transcripts, website links, photos and videos. And, as always, we invite readers to share their comments, ideas and questions within this collaborative space.

With this transition comes a new and exciting opportunity for me to step into the role of  community journalist. As an OACS staff member who loves to write, I’m grateful for the chance to support schools in this capacity! Over the years, Christian education has played a large and positive role in my own life. As an elementary student at Halton Hills Christian School and a high school student at TDChristian, I had the privilege of learning from teachers who were passionate about the integration of faith and learning.

My interest in the power and richness of language followed me into university as I went on to major in English at Redeemer University College. Amid papers, deadlines and tests, the beauty of words waited patiently for me on the page; in a poem’s surprising turn of phrase, in the graceful arc of a well constructed short story, and, in the last line of a good article.

Over the coming year, I look forward to speaking with many of you personally. I’ve come to recognize that behind every story is a unique collection of personalities —people with their own goals, interests and passions. I look forward to focusing on the “who” and  “why” of your school’s story, so that the life and vibrancy of Christian education can be reported in the public sphere.

Please feel free to contact me with news about the events happening in your school, through email (news@oacs.org) or by phone (905-648-2100 ex: 42). I would love to hear from you! Allowing me to subscribe to your school’s newsletter for updates, or alerting me to your school’s twitter feed would also be a great place to start.

I’m excited to see what this year has in store, for our schools and for christian education!