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May I place a lawn sign here?

Written on September 3rd, 2015

We all know that the Canadian federal election campaign has begun. Almost overnight the political signs are sprouting along highways, at intersections and on people’s front lawns. I’m voting Liberal and here is my sign. I am voting Conservative and here is my sign. Notice that mine is bigger than yours? Look at that huge NDP sign! And so it goes until election night.

I don’t have a political lawn sign in my front lawn — yet. I usually do but I have noticed that most of my neighbors have not posted one either. My wife does not want me to post a sign although we are both convinced who we will vote for and we are in agreement on this as well. She cautions, “Why do we want everyone to know our political persuasion?”

A few weeks ago, my wife and I traveled to Indiana to visit my son and his little family. There were three precious grandchildren that needed hugs and presents! As we pulled into the driveway, we noticed two lawn signs. Not political signs either. I had to go see them close up. Christian school signs! 2015 Demotte lawn sign 12015 Demotte lawn sign 2

My son and his wife were promoting their local Christian school in this way all summer. They had no qualms about letting their neighbors know which school their children would attend!

I asked about this once we had settled in with our coffees. They were pleased to plant them in the front yard. They are proud of their school and, when asked by the school to place the signs, they quickly agreed to do so. Their immediate neighbors already knew of their school choice but they wanted the folks that drove by to see the signs and consider their choice. As we traveled around their community, we saw more of these signs. We were in a school community that was proud of their Christian school and willing to help promote it to others.

Years back while serving as principal in Cambridge, we bought 100+ lawn signs for Christian Education Week. The sign message was “Ask me why Christian Education”. The plan was for all our school families to take them home and plant them in the front lawn all across Cambridge. Many school families did. Some took extras because they had more spaces in mind or grandparents that wanted a sign as well. But many did not volunteer to participate. Once the week was over, we collected them for a future use. But we did not use them the next year.

Should your school start a program of lawn signs? Would you, as a parent or society member, put a lawn sign up like the one my son posted or a similar promotional sign? Would you be proud of your school and be willing to let your neighbors know why you send your children to a Christian school? What would it mean when the school community responds so well that more signs needed to be ordered? What would it mean when only a minority of parents agree to do this? How would your community respond to a program like this? Would it help if the OACS logo was added to these signs?

I would love to hear some feedback from you on these questions?