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Metcalfe school hosts successful corporate sponsorship and church awareness event

Written on April 29th, 2009

Inaugural evening welcomes supporters into school

Community Christian School in Metcalfe recently hosted its first corporate sponsorship and dessert evening, bringing current and potential supporters into the school and raising $5,500.

Nancy Schoenmaker, event organizer and board member, says the idea started with the desire to increase awareness of the school and expand its support basis beyond individual families.

The evening was also designed to be an appreciation event for those who support the school through donations and provide them an opportunity to visit the school. Pastors from churches the school population attends were invited.

“I think it was a very successful evening,” says principal Gayle Freeburn.

The event raised $5,500 for the school’s main budget. A number of local corporations that couldn’t make the evening replied with donations.

Attendees learned more about the school throughout the evening. Two families gave testimonials about what brought them to choose the school. The school’s newest promotional DVD was played.

Students served coffee, tea and punch and there was a dessert buffet.

The program included high-quality music performances. The Grade 7 and 8 class performed a black light theatre presentation by Casting Crowns called Who Am I, a beautiful and moving piece, says Schoenmaker (click here to see an example on YouTube).

“The program was excellent,” says Freeburn. “I spoke to everyone that had come in and they all were very pleased, certainly it gave us more visibility within the community.”

The committee of four who organized the evening developed a pamphlet outlining the different sponsorship packages available to businesses. The sponsorship packages — medallion, gold and platinum — offer different advertising.

This is the first time the school has formally presented corporate sponsorship.

Including the students, staff and board members there was approximately 65 people in attendance — less than prayed for but organizers are looking for the event to grow.

Schoenmaker says some people who attended remarked that it reminded them of why they committed to Christian education.

Hosting the event was a learning experience, says Schoenmaker, adding some good things were accomplished through it.

The feedback from the board is to continue with the venue, keeping in mind that it takes time to build an event, she notes.

“We would definitely like to build upon what this one has started, we would like it to be a yearly event, not just to raise funds … but mostly to show appreciation for people that have supported us, for the pastors of churches, for anyone that has helped us in the school,” says Freeburn.