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Missionaries to Canada visit Thunder Bay Christian School

Written on March 25th, 2011

The concept of missionaries travelling to exotic locations spreading the word of the Lord is as old as Christianity itself, but it’s not every day that missionaries from exotic locales visit Canada to share their faith and culture.

Thunder Bay Christian School (TBCS) was visited yesterday by a group of young adults from Indonesia and Korea who have been doing just that —.travelling as “missionaries to Canada” since August.

Each of the nine guests was dressed in traditional attire according to the region from which they hail, and for an hour they shared music and their love of Christ with approximately 90 TBCS students.

The group is part of Teen Missions International, a non-denominational organization that organizes adventures for young people all over the world.

Principal Bea Hayen says the group was “very well received” at the school.

Younger pupils took advantage of the opportunity to explore the musical instruments while older students took up the message that they, along with the young guests, were the next generation in charge of carrying the message of Christ into the future.

“A lot of it was promoting … the idea that the kids they were talking to are the next generation who had to carry the message forward, telling them ‘you are the people of the 21st century, it’s going to be your job to spread the word,’” says Hayen.

The event was especially interesting because a group of young ladies from the school had recently returned from a mission to Costa Rica.

“It was interesting for them to see this group coming to Canada and being part of a mission group when they had also gone to a foreign county and experienced a different culture,” she says.

The visit connected with the school’s focus on serving in the community, says Hayen, because while her students may not all be travelling the globe serving God, at home they serve Christ by serving one another.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with Christian young people from different cultures and I think it reinforces to kids that we are a worldwide brotherhood and sisterhood body of Christ,” she says.