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Musical talent Dana Jorgensen to perform benefit concert for Heritage Community Christian School

Written on November 12th, 2009

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Jorgensen, who describes his musical focus as contemporary worship, leads concerts and worship services in spaces across North America. He has just released a new album Brave.

Parent and active volunteer Oliver Marx facilitated bringing Jorgensen to Brockville to support the New Dublin school, an opportunity he describes as “a gift in a time of need.”

Marx and Jorgensen share a friendship that came about following Marx’s decision to become a Christian a number of years ago. Both living in the Ottawa area at the time, the two were connected through a pastor who was aware of their mutual love of the outdoors, hunting and fishing.

“I had an instant respect and admiration for Dana’s character that to me represented an undeniable love for and knowledge of his Creator,” says Marx.

While Jorgensen’s musical journey has since taken him to Nashville, the two have remained friends and this year they decided to connect for a week on Marx’s farm near Brockville.

Having just accepted a position on the HCCS board of directors earlier this year, and more deeply aware of the school’s various challenges, Marx says he was inspired to ask his friend about performing the benefit concert during the time of his visit to Ontario.

“My greatest hope for this event is that there would be widespread blessing through it,” says Marx.

“I hope that everyone involved in putting the show together would be deeply blessed in knowing that they’ve answered to a call that was made to them by God.”

While HCCS will be the main financial beneficiary, Marx says he hopes to see outcomes that go beyond monetary benefits, including a greater awareness in the larger community of all the school has to offer, encouragement for concert attendees, and blessing for Jorgensen himself.

Proceeds from the ticket sales will be directed to HCCS. The event costs have been covered by time and financial donations from sponsors Centennial Road Church, Ripnet Internet Services, Ford Electric of Brockville and SoulCraft Ltd.

The Dana Jorgensen concert will take place at the Centennial Road Church in Brockville, Ontario, Nov. 12, 6-10 p.m.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children under 12. Contact the school at info(at) or (613) 498-4176 for more information.