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New course teaches students to be good stewards

Written on February 20th, 2008

Covers time, talent, the environment and finances

A new course for Grades 7-9 is intended to lead students to a greater awareness of their responsibility as stewards in the kingdom of God. It deals with four areas: time, talent, the environment, and finances.

Nellie van Donkersgoed, who oversaw the layout and publication of the course resources, says including material on stewardship of the environment is important.

“There’s such a sensitivity right now about what is happening to the world as we know it and how we are using our resources.

“This is calling us back to where we need to be as Christians in the world and how we need to interpret our life here and what we’re using and how we’re going to keep it for our children and our grandchildren.”

Van Donkersgoed says the course, called Is That All There Is? Stewardship Challenges for Young Christians, does a good job of helping students understand their role in sustaining the earth and how they can change their lifestyles to balance what is available to them in creation.

Besides being a good steward of the environment, the course also challenges students to make good use of their time and to make time for God and His kingdom.

Van Donkersgoed notes that in the section on responsible time use the course also deals with procrastination, a potential weakness for many students.

Another section focuses on how students can develop the gifts and talents they’ve been given “to be of service as citizens in the kingdom.”

Good stewardship of finances looks at managing resources within the framework of one’s priorities in life.

Questions like “How many iPods can or should I have and why does my father need a BlackBerry?’ are considered,” says van Donkersgoed.

She notes that some very practical points are made with some humour and some good insights.

The development of the course was a collaboration of the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS), Christian Stewardship Services (CSS), and the Foundation for Niagara Christian Schools.

The course was just made available in early February. Order forms are available online on the OACS website.